As a doula, I'll guide you before, during and after your pregnancy and delivery.

I'll show you that you already have all the strength in you, that you are already a power woman, that your body knows perfectly what it needs, that your pregnancy and delivery can be different and better than what you think it can be.

As a doula I am not only there for the pregnant woman, I am also there for the partner / mother / sister / children /boyfriend / girlfriend / medical staff etc.
I am here to ensure that you are heard, because you as a pregnant woman are at the top, everyone around you is there to advise you, in normal circumstances the final decision lies in your hands.

I am here to ensure that peace can be maintained, that everyone remains calm and serene, that your partner does not forget to also look at his needs (that he sleeps enough, rests, eats, is mentally and physically still able to handle it) .
That everyone understands that a delivery can take place in full confidence and serenity.
That we all form 1 team.

As a (future) pregnant (and partner of) you may be confronted with many questions, questions that you cannot or do not always dare to ask the medical staff.

As a doula I am here to listen to your needs, to inform you, to guide you and also to bring (even) more positivity and relaxation into your life.

Fire all your questions about conception, pregnancy, labor, delivery, nutrition, exercise, maternity time, stress and more at me.

As a doula, I mainly choose to physically and virtual assist with home births.

The first interview is without obligation (free of charge) at home * or online.

The complete package contains:

- 2 informative sessions

- 2 coaching sessions with relaxation 

- 2 breathing and relaxation exercises session

- 2 massages

- guidance during birth

- birthing pool

- info session waterbirth

- postpartum coaching sessions

- available by phone for urgent matters 

Read here an experience of a home birth:



Price home birth with birthing pool € 650

Price hospital birth € 750

First meeting is free

At home surroundings Mechelen and Antwerp*




More about the relaxation

Let yourself be guided in to the world of relaxation, concentration, connection, breathing and letting go. 

We are going to create a confidence, relaxation and magic for you and your baby. An atmosphere where you can enjoy your pregnancy in peace, where you feel that you can breathe and live freely again.


Together towards a positive thought pattern, a better mindset, focus on relaxation and making contact with the baby.


I will provide you techniques that can be used throughout the pregnancy and during delivery. Techniques for obtaining a positive mindset, stillness, feeling better and for feeling powerful.

Benefits of our relaxation sessions:

  • Release of tension and stress

  • Less anxiety 

  • A better bond with your baby

  • A more positive and happier outlook on life

  • Lowers heart rate

  • Body awareness 

  • Lowers risk of postpartum depression 

  • Betters sleep

  • Better blood flow

  • Improved wellbeing

  • More mental peace 

  • Smoother delivery

  • and more...


Life does not change until you ask it to change. You must be willing to let go of the way things are and willing to embrace new possibilities.

Breath through life

Mail me for setting up your intake session

Partial Doula refund possible with:



Online and at home surroundings Mechelen

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