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My story

Pregnant, studying, moving house, losing my brother, baby in breech position etc ...

You would think a perfect cocktail for stress and tension. But I kept my head reasonably cool and experienced minor stress.


Wow, never thought that I could experience all this without crashing, without withdrawing from life and yet remaining so positive. Relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, positive mindset and everything that has to do with it, this was my salvation.

And I want to share this rescue with others, a pregnancy can be relatively stress-free, even with setbacks.


Yes! You’ve read that right, I don’t promise you a stress-free pregnancy, because stress is part of life. It is a signal from our body, something that we have to learn to deal with more positively.


- Bachelor in wellbeing- en vitaliteitsmanagement specialization Coaching & wellbeingmanagement.

- Doula

Partial Doula refund possible with:



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