1. Heal your pregnancy by healing yourself journey

This program is for you, because you deserve the tools to take charge of life and pregnancy.

Because you deserve to live a happier life, to have a better pregnancy.


The pregnancy may not have started as you imagined, but you can choose to reverse this today.

Choose today to learn to love pregnancy.

Choose today to connect with the baby.

Choose today to crawl out of that well.


Let yourself be guided and carried away with this program, swept into a world where the mind can rest.

A place where you finally learn to get rid of worry, stress, fears and worries around pregnancy.


I'm here to let you know it's really going to get better.

I am here to let you know that it seems difficult now, you don’t want get out of bed, dressing yourself is a drag, laughing has become difficult, thoughts are rushing through your head, feeling empty and alone. Everyone around you doesn’t understand or see this, because hey you are pregnant, you’re expecting a miracle and this should be the happiest moment of your life, right?


It is time for the first steps, recognize what you feel and experience it, see that you are not alone, that you are not a freak to feel and experience this.


It's okay, it gets better, if you choose to take the first steps. Together we will take those first steps, no matter how small.

Together we will get there, leave your fears behind, breathe again, smile sincerely again, your heart will be filled with passion and love again.


This program consists of exercises, insights, practical tips, a meditation, relaxation, breathing, 4 coaching sessions and a community where you can meet others.


Price: € 200 (around 234 $ USD) for 4 weeks (online) guidance

Book your free 30 minute intake interview now to see if you're ready for this program: sylvie@wellpregnant.be

2. Stress less pregnancy Journey

Are you feeling tired, tired of being stuck in this cycle of stress.
You thought that pregnancy was going to be easier and magical.
And yet here you are, more stressed, more worried, not knowing what is going to follow, not knowing which steps to take to change this.


Well let’s dive into your world, let’s take a look at how you’re handling this pregnancy.
Let yourself be guided into this journey to a more fulfilling, easier, peaceful, more relaxed and meaningful pregnancy.


We’re going to focus on you stress levels, how you’re coping with stress, how stress affects every aspect of your life and pregnancy. Through working around obtaining a more positive relationship with stress.


We’re going to focus on your stress levels:
How do you deal with stress?
What effect does stress have on your pregnancy and every aspect of your life?
What does positive stress mean to you?
What can your stress teach you?
How can you turn stress into something positive?


We’re going to embark on journey together. Where you’ll learn more about yourself, about how to function better in life, how to find balance, how to interact better with people, how to mend relationships, how to enjoy your pregnancy more, how to let go of fears and anxiety.

Just by making our focus stress, you’re going to experience shifts in all parts of your life.
Stress affects our lives on every level, without even knowing it.
Learn to manage your stress and you’ll learn to manage your happiness.


This journey isn’t like your typical pregnancy courses, let’s be honest there’s nothing out there like this.
This journey doesn’t only focus on the baby or your pregnancy like most courses.
No this journey focuses on your totality.
Spirit, body, mind, emotions, pregnancy, baby, relationships, work and more.
It will not only change your pregnancy, it’s going to change your whole life.

This journey is only for those who are ready to fully commit, who are ready to have the pregnancy and life they dream of.
Let’s not waste our time by working together, if you’re not willing to change, if you're not willing to put in the work, if you're not willing to listen with an open mind.

This journey is going to be so fulfilling, emotional, heartbreaking and mending.
It’s not always going to be an easy ride.


The program is 50 € (around 59 $ USD) per (online) guidance.


So if you are ready to invest in your pregnancy and your life, if you are ready to take those first steps then message us to set up your free 30 min intake call.
Note: intake call is necessary because we’re not going to accept everyone in this program.


Book your free 30 minute intake interview now to see if you're ready for this program: Sylvie@wellpregnant.be


As a coach specialised in stress & burnout, we will mainly focus on the mental aspect, use this to improve and heal your pregnancy and your life in all areas.

Know that your mindset determines your reality. We are going to switch-up your belief system to one that gives you more energy and a more positive mindset.

This way you will only attract the things you want and dream of.

Everything is energy, including your thoughts, so be very vigilant with what energy you send out in to the world because this is what you'll get back. Your reality is created through your inner world, through the words you tell yourself, through your beliefs...

We have mapped out 2 (online) journey's (single sessions also available)  for you, each with its own qualities, breakthroughs, healing and wisdom.

1. Heal your pregnancy by healing yourself

2. Stress less

Single coachingsessions for other concerns and questions are also available.

1st session is free (intake) and the next sessions are € 50 / session 

Partial Doula refund possible with:



Online and at home surroundings Mechelen

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